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  • Oct 14 - Hiring a DJ for a party on Saturday. Reply if you're available. Professionals only. - reply?

  • Oct 14 - you (f, blonde) got off the c train at columbus circle. we made eye contact as we went up the stairs. if you read this, i'm free saturday - reply?

  • Oct 14 - redhead in the leather jacket. i saw you reading in central park. you have good taste in books.  - reply?

  • Oct 13 - To the kind stranger who helped me when I dropped my groceries -- can I buy you a drink to say thanks? - reply?

  • Oct 13 - flower dress wlkng dwn 8th ave u are the most beautiful woman i hav evr seen omg...........dreaming of u - reply?

  • Oct 13 - whoever lives in unit 6C at 350 w57 for the last time -- turn your FUCKING MUSIC DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - reply?

  • Oct 12 - we met at a party during fashion week. you said you would call. i'll be at the same spot again saturday. i hope you see this - reply?

  • Oct 12 - Cant stop thinking about our night. i wish i asked for your number. damn - reply?

  • Oct 12 - 6:30PM, Uptown A, you wore grey turtleneck. - reply?

  • Oct 12 - I lost your contact info. We met at a bar in Midtown and had a nice time. If this rings a bell, please reach out so we can re-connect.  - reply?

  • Oct 11 - looking 2 party hmu if u wan have some reeeeal funnnnnn xx  - reply?

  • Oct 11 - Hey we met on here a couple of years ago Im looking for you again. we agreed 2 meet up at columbus circle and you were from Brooklyn.   - reply?

  • Oct 11 - hey neighbor stop leaving me stupid nots on here about my music. get some fucking earplugs u lil BITCH   - reply?